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Please include your email address and telephone number on your application. Please print, complete, and mail this form and your payment to:
Janet Eakin
GGS Membership
218 Golf Club Drive
Metter, GA 30439 
Please contact  Janet Eakin for any questions on membership. 
Email her at:
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*Membership in a state society does not include the American Gourd Society membership. However, in order to be a member of the Georgia Gourd Society it is recommended you also be a member of the American Gourd Society.*

Annual dues for the AGS are $15.00, which includes a subscription to their national publication, The Gourd Magazine. 

Both dues can be sent to the GGS when you join. 
Please make two separate checks — $15.00 ($15.00) to the Georgia Gourd Society 
and $15.00 to the American Gourd Society. 

We will be glad to forward your check and information to the AGS, 
or you may opt to contact the AGS directly by emailing the AGS
Membership Secretary, Dallas Lunsford, at:
We invite you to join in the fun of sharing and learning all about gourds. 

We are the Pi Chapter of the American Gourd Society incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Georgia. Our goals are to teach and inform all who are interested in the culture, use, history, and craftsmanship of gourds through our local patches, events, and annual Gourd Show

We meet periodically for workshops (Patch meetings) and Gourd Education events (GED's), participate in our annual Georgia Gourd Society Show, publish seasonal newsletters and offer you resources for gourd supplies, to receive regular society information, e-mails, decorating ideas, and share in the friendship of a large group of like-minded people interested in gourds.
Membership in the Georgia Gourd Society runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Renewals include a grace period and are due by January 31 of the following year in order to maintain an active membership 

Annual Georgia Gourd Society Membership dues are $15.00 for 2019.
Members joining at the annual show in the fall will automatically carry over to the next year. 

Annual dues for the American Gourd Society are now $20.00