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We are the Pi Chapter of the American Gourd Society incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Georgia.  Our goals are to teach and inform all who are interested in the culture, use, history, and craftsmanship of gourds through our local patches, events, and annual Gourd Show

President’s Message & Nominations
August 21 
Nominations for open positions are as follows with their term ending December 30th, 2019.
President:  Ellen Tatum
Treasurer:  Tom Ricker
Secretary:  Tina Handrop
Director:  Gail Justus
Director:  Ann Touchton
Director:  Troy Tatum
Our By Laws state that the Nominations have to be posted 30 days before the Annual Meeting which is 
September 23rd, 20l7.

Please remember the following:
  • Competition Pieces are to be delivered Friday Night by 5:00 p.m. to the Kiwanis Club, South Hill Street, Griffin, Ga. 
  • Please bring a covered dish for the dinner Friday night for the 
  •              Judges, Volunteers, and Vendors.
  • We are still in need of Volunteers to help Saturday and Sunday
  •              and to clean up Sunday.

Ellen Tatum

August 1, 2017
Hi!! Georgia Gourd Society Members, 
This is a call for volunteers for the upcoming Gourdfest. Below is a list of changes we are making for this Gourdfest and a plea for help. Members we will have a short meeting for business and election of officers and door prizes. 

 1. Tropical Delights is no longer coming to be our food vender. This means that there will be no one to sell the cokes, and snacks and they will no longer be doing the dinner on Saturday night.
Solution: We need several people to volunteer to help sell coffee, snacks, and drinks. The Society will buy the necessary food and drinks out of our funds and then reimburse our Treasury with what we sell. Holly Gallager has volunteered to run the snack shop but please contact her if you can help for an hour or two. Holly’s number is 732-939-3553.
2. The dinner for Saturday night will be catered by Kentucky Fried Chicken and they will supply both fried chicken and grilled chicken along with potatoes and cold slaw and biscuits. We will supply the drinks. The cost of the dinner will be somewhere between $10.00 and $12.00 according to how many people sign up for the dinner.  
Solution: Please send me a note that you will be attending and whether or not you want grilled or fried chicken.  
3. Tina Handrop has been elected by the board to fill Kathy Bird’s position as Treasurer. Kathy has resigned due to illness. Kathy’s term ends in December, 2017. The job of treasurer will then be up for election 2018-2020.  
4. Jane Ballou is in the process of seeking nominations for the upcoming openings of directors and officers. She will be contacting people either by e-mail or telephone.

Other business: Set-up for vendors will be between 10:00 a.m. until complete on Friday Sept. 22nd . Competition pieces will be delivered from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Pot luck dinner will be at 5:30 p.m. and I hope we can start judging at 6:00 p.m.  
We need volunteers to help with the set up for the competition and making sure that the competition pieces get delivered with the right paper work and in the right categories. 
Members if you are coming to leave competition pieces will you please bring a dish for the pot luck dinner and if you can stay we would love for you to stay and eat with us. The society will be serving the meat so any vegetables and dessert would be appreciated.  
Market Place: Please bring anything but clothing to the Market Place. The market place helps pay for the show space.

1. Front Desk taking up membership dues for the coming year and signing up new members. 
2.Volunteers are needed to set up for the Judges and workers dinner.
3.Volunteers are needed at the judging desk and setting up the competition tables. 
4.Market Place – Please sign up to help run the Market Place for two or three hours. We need members to help price the items on Friday and sell on Saturday and Sunday.  
5.Troy needs help in setting up the show spaces on Thursday night and Friday morning putting out the tables and chairs for the classes. If you, your children or your grandchildren (ages 13 and up ) can help please contact Troy.
6.Holly Gallager has volunteered to run the snack bar. Please contact her or John at 732 939-3553 if you can help.  
7.Help is needed in taking down the show. 

Members this may be our last show if we can’t get volunteers and honestly it is one of the best anywhere in the South so please help us continue this for a couple more years.  
If you have any questions please contact me at 770-229-5530 or .

Ellen Tatum – Georgia Gourd Society President

October and November 2017
Happy Fall and just the right time to craft gourds with all the new ideas you got from the wonderful Gourdfest the society just completed in late September. The Gourdfest brought in approximately 500 visitors from the public. The number of students was up and our teachers were great. I am so happy that the Gourdfest went so well with the help of our volunteers and sometimes their families pitching in to help set up and clean up. Without the volunteers helping we would not be able to hold the Gourdfest so Thank You for the helping hands and wonderful spirits. 
Business News for the Society:
1.WOW!! For the first time we made a profit of approximately $300.00 after paying the deposit for 2018 Kiwanis Club and all the other expenses.
2.We had approximately 165 entries for competition this year which is up from last year. Competition pieces were outstanding. Pictures should be posted on the web page shortly.
3.Our board of officers that was posted in August on the Georgia Gourd Society website was approved for the next two year term. Welcome New Officers!!
4.If you have or know of a facility that we can hold a GED day this year please notify me and I will start the process of contacting people to teach classes.
5.Please try to spread the fun and beauty of gourds and let me know when you teach or give a lecture on gourds. There are many garden clubs that would love for you to give a talk about gourds along with some samples. 
6. For security reasons for the Vendors we have to change the dates for next year so mark your calendar for September 21st, Sept 22nd, and Sept. 23rd, 2018.  
Happy Gourding !!
Ellen Tatum – President