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We are the Pi Chapter of the American Gourd Society incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Georgia.  Our goals are to teach and inform all who are interested in the culture, use, history, and craftsmanship of gourds through our local patches, events, and annual Gourd Show

Georgia Gourd Society
President’s Message January, February, and March 2018
Whew! The Holiday Season is over and now our gourders can start working on 2018 projects for teaching and competition.  Our Gourdfest dates are September 28th, 29th and 30th, 2018.  Due to a conflict with another State’s date we had to change our dates back to September 28th, 29th and 30th so our vendors could attend both gourd festivals.
Thanks to John and Holly Gallagher our Flint River Patch continues to grow with 25 gourders expected to attend the January meeting. Thanks go to Dennis McDonald and John Gallagher for the presentation to the garden Club in Sun City, Griffin, Ga. and to Troy Tatum for setting up a display in the library in Zebulon, Georgia. If you or your patch has been busy teaching or giving demonstrations please let us know as our mission is to let everyone know about the beauty of gourds and techniques to turn them into works of art.
There are upcoming shows that you may want to attend including the Florida Gourd Show, March Madness Gourd Show in Alabama, Kentucky, Cherokee, and many more. Check the American Gourd Society for Gourd Show Dates. I do encourage you to attend at least one of the upcoming shows as you can learn so much just from visiting the show and competition events.
Minutes of the last big Georgia Gourd Society are now ready to post to our website. The Annual dues of $15.00 is now due as of the January 1, 2018 so please send your dues to Janet Eakin - 218 Golf Club Drive – Metter, Georgia 30439. There is still a need for someone to publish the Bloomin Gourd and a Webmaster for the webpage for the Society. Troy has temporarily taken over the Bloomin Gourd. Members please volunteer for these positions as Troy and I can’t do everything and it takes our members to keep the society running.
I have just learned that we have lost two very dear members of our Gourd Society. Kathy Bird who was our past Treasurer died on January 14th from cancer. Kathy’s sweet and kind personality will be missed. Mrs. Lena Braswell our lifetime member and one of our founders of our Georgia Gourd Society has passed away. Lena and Kathy will be greatly missed.
Ellen Tatum – President of Georgia Gourd Society

Minutes from last meeting are below-

Georgia Gourd Society
307 Ashford Place, Griffin, Georgia 30224
September 23, 2017

A general membership meeting of Georgia Gourd Society was called to order on Sept. 2017 with a quorum of members present (24).  

Treasurer’s Report – Read by Ellen Tatum as Kathy Byrd was in absentia. Kathy had resigned her position not wishing to be re-elected. Ellen had assumed the treasurer’s responsibilities after an e-mail unanimous approval by the directors within the 30 days prior to the meeting. Ellen stated that the bank account was audited by members Sue Ingle and Dennis McDonald. All checks and deposits were accounted for and the books balanced. The treasure’s report met unanimous approval by the 24 members present. 

Secretary Report – Karin Anderson read the minutes from the last meeting which was held via e-mail with responses from 15 members. Reggie Eakin made a motion to accept the report and a second by Karin Anderson and the 2017 budget was unanimously approved. There was also a unanimous approval for Tina Handrop to fill in for Kathy Byrd until new officers take their respective offices.  

New Business – Election of Officers 
New officers were presented to the members for the years 2018 and 2019
President – Ellen Tatum, Treasurer – Tom Ricker - Secretary - Tina Handrop, Director – Gail Justus, Director – Ann Touchton, Director – Troy Tatum. 
Motion to accept by Karin Anderson and seconded by Karen Malony with a unanimous vote of yes from the membership.  
The GGS Gourdfest dates of September 27, 28, and 29 had to be changed for security reasons of the building and grounds to the dates of September 21st, 22nd and 23rd of 2018. The cost of the building located in Griffin, Georgia is $2500.00 plus $170.00 which is a insurance fee. The building and the insurance was unanimously accepted by all present.

A discussion about how to honor a longtime active member with an emeritus membership followed and the emeritus membership was approved unanimously.  

After an offer to discuss any additional business met with silence, Ellen adjourned the Autumn 2017 GGS meeting.

There was an informal discussion afterward. The challenge for the 2018 Gourdfest was decided to be “Scarecrows”. Karen Maloney announced the winner of the People’s Choice wared for the 2017 shown to be Karin Anderson. There was also a short discussion related to ways to boost membership and informal plans for a Spring GED. It sounded promising that GGS might be hosted by the Atlanta Patch in the Spring of 2018.

This report was sent by e-mail to Ellen Tatum by Karin Anderson on Oct. 9, 2017.