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We are the Pi Chapter of the American Gourd Society incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Georgia.  Our goals are to teach and inform all who are interested in the culture, use, history, and craftsmanship of gourds through our local patches, events, and annual Gourd Show

President’s Message
February 8, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day
Don’t forget to send your very special people a valentine and please remember the older friends in your life as Grandmothers and Grandfathers don’t get these sweet little gifts. An Idea for you – use your gourd shards to carve hearts. If you have one please try the new Fili-Point Burr from Welburn Gourds. This new Burr makes wonderful clean heart designs and beautiful filigree. 

On a business matter for the society: The proposed budget has passed with votes recorded by our secretary, Karin Anderson and our membership Chairman Jane Bullou, certifying that the voting members have renewed their membership. If you haven’t renewed your membership please, please, do so as we need our members and I would love to see the membership number grow this year.

Ellen Tatum
President of Georgia Gourd Society

Link to the revised Bylaws and Constitution
2016 is here and time
To begin promoting our GourdFest

2016 GourdFest Rack Cards have arrived
The public is invited on September 24 & 25 and September 23 we will be open for early classes, vendor set-up, and receiving competition entries. Please to be there.

Reggie Eakin will be giving out the publicity cards at the Florida Gourd Show.
If you have an event where the cards should be available, let Reggie know
Above is a scan of the back and front of the card.

Calling all Gourd Artist & Instructors follow the link to apply for our 
2016 GourdFest...

2016 Competition Rules & Regulations